Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to save ourselves in 5 minutes? 2. Enjoying the Journey

2. Enjoying the Journey

In my previous blog I quoted Captain Jack Sparrow : “It is not so much the destination but the journey”
Well, we are all mentally trained to focus on the result. “Getting there” seems to be the biggest achievement of all time. Therefore when we set up the goal we focus on the future fulfillment so much that we completely miss the Present as it is. Don’t you agree? 
Does this sound familiar?
Let’s just quickly get ready for work in the morning. Just get dressed. Just get in the car and get to work. Just get through the day and get home. Let’s just get dinner and go watch TV. Let’s just get to bed, just quickly get that satisfaction before sleep. Just so that tomorrow you can just start the whole craziness again. No wonder you feel like a hamster spinning the wheel.
So here is my 5 minute get-me-out-of-this tip: Let’s play a mind-game! 
Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning knowing that you will depart in 24 hours. If the thought of death scares you than imagine that you have to go on a 20 year mission to Mars (or Venus if you are a woman). This is a secret mission, no one else can now about it. You are not allowed to drastically change anything in your life in the next 24 hours. Still with me? Great!
Would you enjoy waking up? Would you listen to the early birds outside of your window? Would you enjoy every drop of water on your body while having a  shower? Would you look around your world before you sit in your car? Would you notice things on the way to work that you have never seen before but were always there? Would you look at your job and your colleagues in a different way? Would you just smile wisely thinking ‘Folks, this is only a game’? Would you enjoy every bite of your dinner? Would you appreciate the people around you as you never did before? Would you be caring, loving and understanding? Would you skip TV, go to bed and discover the real meaning of human touch
Can you feel the difference between a day and The Day
At the end of the story our day or Day ends up in the same way. 
At the end of the story our life or Life ends up in the same way as our days or Days.
Can you see now that The Journey is all you have? 
Anytime you are down, stressed, unhappy or lost, play this mind-game. Don’t worry if you can only stay in it for 5 minutes! Being in the present for 1 minute is more than 90% of the people have ever achieved.
Love and light,

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